Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Chewing Gum

I have been observing my mind lately. And I am totally amazed at the kind of thoughts it thinks! That in turn has kind of given me an insight into what this entire game of relationships is like. Yes, the news is that it's a "game".
If one goes to see, relationships are more like chewing gum. It's great to have it in the beginning...nice and tasty, makes you look cool and all, feels like you could keep chewing all life long! But wait! What's happened after a while? You can't wait to spit it out. It's lost all the taste. Not just that, but now it's leaving a bad taste in your mouth! Try to get rid of it...take it in your fingers and try to hurl it away...but it sticks to whatever part of your body you touch it with. Eeeeks! Wake up to the truth my friend. You can't get rid of chewing gum just so easily.
Doesn't it sound more like most of our relationships? It does. And scarily so.
Normally there are these phases even after a break-up. The "letting go" and the "moving on". I think it's all a myth. What the *bleep* does "letting go of someone" mean anyway?! Physically letting go? Stopping to hound them with calls or any sort of communication? Is "letting go" for the sake of the EX or your own? Is it stopping to expect a reconciliation? Is it letting go of "hope"? Letting go of WHOM or WHAT???
The second part is even more confusing. "Moving on". Just one query, "how?".
Technically I think "moving on" is just a myth. Unless you end up with Amnesia, I don't think you can really move on.
Think about it. Have you completely forgotten your past love? All the things? Events? Words? Expressions? Especially the times when you had most fun? Can you erase all that? Do you want to erase all that? The answer is "no". Then how have you moved on?
People are stickier than chewing gum! It's not so easy to spit them away...


Sagree said...

"people are stickier than Chewing Gum, not so easy to just spit them away...."
the most profound piece of everyday logic I have heard in a long time!
you've still got it!

.blink said...

Interesting; moving on is never for the 'other' person in the relationship; it's for you. Also 'moving-on' has nothing to do with getting rid of good memories, it's about moving away from the bad ones, moving on from the sourness, from the stale taste in ur mouth, from bitter realities... Move-on to create new ones, move on into light, into love, into laughter. never let go of good moments but move them to the side, make place for the better memories you deserve.