Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The one thing that haunts people after they are 25...
That one thing that becomes a nightmare for actors and models...
The theme of ALL 'Santoor soap' commercials...
The 'irreversible'...
That is AGING :)

We are ALWAYS aging no matter what age we are. And along with wrinkles, age brings with it a lot of other unwanted and unnecessary baggage. Haven't we noticed that as people start growing up, they become less spontaneous, less enthusiastic and the biggest of them being that they smile a lot less. I can notice the change that I am going through. Today I have many more insecurities in my head than what I had two years ago! And someone said that age brings wisdom with it! The more we experience in life, the more cautious we become...rather we become over-cautious. And that’s how we lose our spontaneity. As we grow up, we also begin relying on our intellect more than on a gut feeling. We tend to meticulously calculate everything before making the smallest of decisions.
Somehow we begin to need reasons for everything! "Why this?" "Why not that?" etc.
So, do we actually become more vulnerable with age? It is something to seriously think about.

"Age is a matter of the if you don’t mind, it does not matter!"

Saturday, February 19, 2005

MY quotes!

"Insanity when contained in an Artist is called Genius".

"I am Unique...just like everyone else!"

Corny Lines ;)

For Cordless Phones:

"Can also be used for making calls"

For Chocolate Bars:

"Can also be eaten directly from the wrapper"

For Satin Scarves:

"Can also be used as an accessory by putting around the shoulders"

Friday, February 18, 2005

These two lines are the most beautiful I have ever come across:

"Who will take care of this world
Asked the setting sun
I will try my Best
Said the earthern lamp"

~Rabindranath Tagore

Monday, February 14, 2005

'Depression' is a pretty depressing state to be in. And at some point in time, all of us have visited it...or more precisely, IT has visited us. Unfortunately, many of us don't even know when we go into depression, leave alone fighting it off. There was a patch in my life where I was in acute depression for more than six months. I was alright in the morning, used to start crying suddenly at noon. Shopping used to boost my spirits for evening and by night time I was suicidal. This cycle continued without an exception of a day for six long months. It reached its peak one day when I wanted to end my life...full and final. I just did not want to breathe anymore. My family decided to take me to a psychologist for counselling. But I knew how 'dry' psychologists normally are. For them, it would've been just another 'case'.
At that time, a friend of mine suggested that I do an 'Art of Living' basic course. Somehow I knew from within that this was my rescue call. And it turned out to be more than what I imagined. It put a smile on my face again...forever. The key lies in the right way to breathe and a different attitude towards life and its events.
So, readers, if you are depressed yourself or if you know someone who is depressed, make them do the course! Use force, blackmail, cajoling, threats...whatever it takes!! And enjoy life.

Breaking News!!!

New mountains are coming up in the middle of Mumbai city! The growth of these 'mountains' is quite apparent along patches of the Western Express Highway, and rail-tracks along Mahim and Andheri.

The mountains are unique in their formation because they are not made up of any kind of rock or stone. And this may be the very first time in the history of our planet that such mountains are coming up in the heart of a metropolis.

Also, these mountains are entirely man-made...they are formed of
Human Shit.

Monday, February 07, 2005

It is said that when society undergoes change, music is affected the last. And music literally reflects the culture of a society.
Firstly, I refuse to call it music! But in its raw form, it was music sometime. I also refuse to call ‘remixers’ as artists/composers/musicians. An artist is a communicator. She/he expresses what is close to her/his heart, in a creative way. A composer is a person who writes songs which are HIS OWN. So, where do REMIXERS fit in these categories?
Some years back Shankar Mahadevan, Ranjit Barot and Taufiq Qureshi presented a different version of S.D. Burman’s “Teri Bindiya Re” from the film ‘Abhimaan’. It was simply beautiful. Now a few points to be noted here:
· He does not mint money by using his own version of the song
· He always gives due credit to the original composer
· He does not sell the song using Deepal/Shefali in the video
· He composes brilliant stuff himself
· He is a great musician
· He is a true artist

What is the big deal in remixing ‘Kaanta Laga’? Did the REMIXER think of the original tune himself? Did he tell the original singer the nuances of the song?
Composing a brilliant song out of NOTHING is creative. Borrowing/stealing an already well-liked song and adding preset rhythm patterns to it is NOT creative!

Fortunately, industry say that remixes will go away as fast as they came. J

Thank God!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

There’s a story in Indian mythology which goes like this: One day, one of the Pandavas, the Great Yudhishthir arrived in Yama’s court (Yama is the God of Death). On his arrival, Yama asked him, “Tell me, what’s the most astonishing thing that you saw on Earth?” Yudhishthir said, “The most astonishing thing I noticed on Earth was that people are surrounded by instances of death…their own kinsmen or strangers…but they always think that they themselves will never die! Death is always thought of something that will happen to someone else.”

Have WE given a thought to our own death? It will come for sure. Somewhere, sometime, someway…it will come.