Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pseudo-Secularism-a curse in disguise

Let's first look at what the dictionary tells us about the word "secularism":
sec·u·lar·ism (sěk'yə-lə-rĭz'əm) Pronunciation Key

1. Religious skepticism or indifference.
2. The view that religious considerations should be excluded from civil affairs or public education.

sec'u·lar·ist n., sec'u·lar·is'tic adj.

Is this what is really happening in the country then? Different laws for different religions, different standards of education for certain religions? Is this secularism at all? The answer is a RESOUNDING "NO"!!

The Congress wants reservations in the private sector for Muslims. Is this secularism?

Dalit Catholics want reservations too! And why not? Muslims get it, so must Christians. Isn't this religion based division? Is this secularism?

Madarrsas getting CBSE certification. Is THAT secular at all?

The Government has been shouting "Minorities! Minority must get RIGHTS!". Fine. Let's talk about minorities.
What about the minorities in J&K?
What about the Hindu minority in Nagaland, Tripura? Are there any special rights or reservations for minorities there???
The answer is NO! There isn't and there never will be.
That's because the Government is anti-Hindu. It's not pro-Muslim or pro-christian either. It's very anti-Hindu for sure.
One Babri-Masjid is demolished and the Media and the Nandita Das', Barkha Dutts, Nafisa Alis of the country come out in solidarity.
Has anyone talked about the 28000 temples destroyed in Andhra Pradesh?
When will the media be interested in covering the innumerable temples destroyed in Kashmir? This is not fair that when the Hindu sentiment is hurt, it is quickly dubbed as "communal" and something close to hatred. Muslims can have sentiments, Christians and Sikhs can have sentiments. Hindus cannot?
I dare these fashionable secularists to come out and talk about, make films about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits in the Kashmir valley! I dare them!
I want to ask what would happen if MF Hussain were Hindu and he would have portrayed an "artistic" but NUDE Prophet Muhammad or a Jesus. Suddenly there would have been shocked eyeballs popping in disbelief over the blasphemy! And so by that principle why is it wrong that Hindus feel extremely offended by a nude portrayal of Goddess Saraswati?
This is aimed at all the people out there to look within once if indeed you march around feeling glad about yourself for being "secular".

The Hindus will wake up. They are already waking up. I have for sure and gladly enough I know many others who have. They are all young and restless but grounded firmly in the Ancient Knowledge which India has gifted to the rest of the world. We are unbelievably tolerant and peaceful. But we are not sleeping. And one day Truth will prevail. Satyameva Jayate!
What we have today in India is not secularism but "religious inequality"! Please stop deluding yourself. And others too.
There are Indian Muslims and unfortunately even Hindus in the country today who hesitate uttering the words "Islamic Terrorism" when the whole world is talking about it. Why? Because Muslims sentiments could get hurt. Why? Don't Hindus have sentiments when the obnoxious NDTV shows the holy symbol "OM" when it is talking about "Saffron Terror"??? Such blatant disparity!!
And even about the alleged Church attacks in Orissa: A big hue and cry is being made by Christian organisations! An 80 year old Hindu saint died because of a brutal attack by Christian Maoists! No one talks about that. Why? Is a Hindu's life cheaper than that of Christians?? And I would like to ask the "peace-loving" Muslims: If the Christians had even tried to convert a Muslim by telling ill about your great Prophet Muhammad, what would you do? Give lessons on Secularism? Really?

By being soft on terrorism with the fear that Muslim sentiment are going to get hurt, the Congress in putting ALL our lives at stake. A terrorist strikes at PEOPLE. An Islamic Terrorist will also kill Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs. Look at the sorry state of Pakistan! Taliban is in Islamabad and it is killing everybody- most Muslims since there are mostly Muslims in Pakistan. Had Pakistan been tough on terror, it may have averted this situation. Terrorism must be dealt with sternly! There is no question of appeasing any religion. And if a Government is unable to provide security to its citizens, it need to be given rest. By propounding sick and distorted ideas about secularism, it poses a threat to the cultural, spiritual and peaceful heritage of India. If terrorism is not dealt with strongly, it will kill us and our loved ones. I implore all to think hard and vote for a change in Governance.
Voting for the same government AGAIN is akin to saying: I am ok if the Muslims are "appeased", I am ok with religious discrimination, I am ok with a government who "talks" to Pakistan after every terror attack, I am ok with the 51000 crore rupees that have vanished from the government treasury, I am ok with a form of secularism which does not acknowledge the needs and emotions of the majority-that's Hindus, I am ok if my children die in a terror attack- atleast the Muslims are not getting hurt, I am ok with Pakistani flags are hoisted in Assam, I am ok if Taliban takes over Kashmir, I am ok if my country's soldiers are dying at the borders because of a Government that REFUSES to take any action!!!
The country has become like SWAMP! And that's why it gives rise to a hope inside me: A Lotus always blooms in a Swamp :) :)
Satyameva Jayate!
Jai Hind and Jai Guru Dev!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Why you should not believe the Media...

Allow ME to share BREAKING NEWS with you today...
A certain Political Party has allocated 1000 crore for election propaganda and advertisements in print and televised media. The effect thereof is that to ensure that such a big sum of money comes to their coffers, media will never speak or publish a word that goes against this political party. No marks for guessing which party! This way the hand may crush the lotus.
One cannot help but notice the one-sided negative propaganda against Varun Gandhi. It boils my blood to see the Government hesitating to initiate the implementing of NSA against clear perpetrators of bombings in the country, but hastily putting Varun Gandhi behind bars! What did he say anyway? That he won't tolerate anything injustice against Hindus? That's it? Compare it with planting bombs in trains and marketplaces and killing hundreds of innocent victims. In reality, these two acts are not even comparable! And of course the pseudo-secular media will laud the swift and "secular" action of the Government.
Do you know how much GOOD is happening in Gujarat? Of course you won't! No one from the Media is interested in reporting it.
Do you know how much work Art of Living is doing in remote villages in India( WITHOUT CONVERTING THEM TO HINDUISM- I should add here ) by empowering farmers? No way! Who wants inspirational stories about farmers?!
Do you know that a certain Dr. Pol is contesting elections from the same constituency as Sharad Pawar's? Dr. Pol has been working tirelessly from the last 7-8 years for the upliftment and self-sufficiency of villages around Kapshi, Maharashtra. Which newspaper or channel has mentioned this?
How many of us know that a ridiculous amount of OUR money amounting to more than 51000 crore has disappeared from the Government treasury?
How many of us know that in the last 5 years more than 5.5 crore Indians have slipped below the poverty line?
Do you know that absolutely NOTHING has changed in Maharashtra and Mumbai after 26/11? The Police have got DISCARDED SLR rifles from the army. The police themselves personally admit that should 26/11 happen again, the situation would just be the same. So in effect you and I STILL have danger lurking around the corner.
Do you know that on every 14th of August Pakistani flags are hoisted in Kashmir? And on every 15th August Indian flags are burnt there.
Do you know that a few months ago, Pakistani flags were unfurled in 6 districts of Assam?

The Media which claims to be fair and secular reports only THAT truth which it wants. It's too busy otherwise bringing out exaggerated one-sided stories convenient to the Congress.
The Media nor the Government cares about the country or the people. But it's time we open our minds and our eyes and SEE THROUGH just the projected truth.
I say, let's boycott newspapers and newschannels! It's time we started a revolution which makes it clear that we are not in slumber. It's time we DEMAND for the truth. The truth which IS.
Jai Hind!!

I will tell you what SECULARISM is NOT!!!

Secularism is not a new concept for Indians. I know it. You know it. We all follow it in our daily lives. Hindus have Muslim friends, Muslims have Christian or Buddhist friends. In fact many of us wish each other on Christmas, Id, Diwali, Dassera, Hannukah, whatever else! And the best living example of TRUE Secularism lies in the Art of Living Family. "One World Family"- that's what Guruji has taught each one of us.
But the UPA, our current government has devised a totally perverse version of Secularism-it should aptly be named "Sickularism"
Secularism means " sarva dharma samabhava Equality of all religions/beliefs/faiths. But it certainly does not and should not mean unreasonable and unjustified preference to JUST one religion!
Secularism certainly does not mean this:
1. Appeasement of only and only ONE religion in the country. That's Islam. As though no one else exists!
2. Giving Madarsa graduates certificates equating it to CBSE certificates enabling them to get government jobs! Why can't the government encourage them to have secular education like we all do? As against this, Pakistan has taken a move to close down 6000 madarsas in their country.
3. Reservations for Muslims in the private sector. What about a deserving Hindu candidate from a really poor family?
4. "Conversions" are the most non-secular thing happening around and the Government thinks it's Constitutional! Belittling another religion to emphasize the importance of your own is NOT Secularism!!!! I would like to ask evangelists what exactly they tell innocent tribals, poor people, villagers when they convert them just to increase the herd.
5. Talking about the greatness of Hindu culture or Hinduism is not COMMUNAL! Hindus are treated like step-children in their own country.
6. Some years back when Dr. Murali Manohar Joshi had proposed that "Astrology" or "Jyotish Shastra" be introduced as a subject formally in Universities, there was a huge hue and cry about how "regressive" it is and about how "blind faith" has taken over the BJP! Hahahah! Has anyone watched some "progressive" TV channels like "God TV"? You will know what I am talking about. People getting miraculously healed, People falling down while praying because they were touched by Jesus is somehow more acceptable as "miracle of Jesus" but we Hindus are ridiculed as being regressive?!

Why such disparity? Why so much discrimination? If there is anyone more dangerous and potentially poisonous to the country's secular fabric it is the Congress.
This country has gracefully accommodated and assimilated numerous cultures, religions and sects from thousands of years. We don't need this perverse version of secularism at all. For the UPA, secularism is "HINDU BASHING".
But by favouring Muslims blindly like this, it is alienating them even more from the mainstream. For being truly secular one needs an open mind. One needs to accept and respect all cultures and religions and acknowledge the good in all and not fight for religious supremacy! "Mine is the only right religion and the rest of you are god damned idiots"- this attitude is not going to help anyone. But for that children should be introduced to various cultures and influences right from childhood and taught to repect all. We all proclaim that "God is One". But how many truly follow that?
Think hard.
Speak up.
Vote Definitely.
Jai Hind!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And sending pink underwear is a way to tackle a problem?

We Indians have a disease of reacting in the extremes. Or a variation could be acting in extremes. Right now it was this "pub-culture" issue. Now it's the glorification of an inane campaign which involves collecting and sending pink coloured underwear to the offending party.
The truth is that everyone of us wants to be a part of a movement which takes on some tyrannical establishment/party/association head-on. Somewhere we all want to fight against some system gone wrong. Essentially it's a good sign that the people of India are awake and have the will to be a part of some Movement. But Pink Chaddis? Come on!
Yes, Sri Ram Sena is SAD. I am a very glad and proud Hindu. I feel lucky to be a part of Hindu Culture. Now by "Hindu Culture" I mean not just traditions but our ancient sciences of Yoga, Pranayam, Ayurveda and our reasons for doing a lot of things which till sometime ago were rubbished as being too archaic or even superstitious. I love the reason for putting chandan( sandalwood paste ) on the forehead or even the reason why we take blessings of elders by touching their feet! And this is Indian/Hindu culture for me. And adhering to that, I regard my body as a temple in which the living-breathing God resides. So, I do NOT drink or smoke or dope. Nor do I think of being ABLE to drink, smoke or dope as a sign of "freedom". But I still maintain that Sri Ram Sena is a very sad chapter and I feel disheartened to see "Hindus" or right-wing candidates being blamed as a whole for the dastardly acts of a handful of people. SRS is wrong, un-democratic, un-constitutional AND un-HINDU.
But on the other hand I don't think I can support some random chaddi campaign too. I would like to see the campaigners fighting for a true cause like the issues of farmers for example. Are we so cut of from the rest of our country that we are fighting for a "right" to be able to booze at a pub whenever we want rather than standing up for another countrymen who are losing lands, water, crops and harvest and most importantly LIVES? The gusto with which pink chaddis are being sought out from cupboards and bought in dozens is appalling. If only we could have that zeal in sending help in whatever form to truly needy people of the country.
We all dream of an ideal India. But treating only one insignificant part of an entirely diseased body is not going to restore health complete health.
We expect tolerance. But can we tolerate intolerance? We react to intolerance with our intolerance.
Can we be tolerant? The answer is absolutely "YES". We will be peaceful and tolerant when we are peaceful from deep inside...when both our bodies and minds are in harmony.
India has been a land of wise and spiritual people and that's exactly why despite numerous attacks and invasions, the lifeline of spirituality still beats strong in the country's heart. This is the only Golden Path to peace within us and without. Demanding a right to celebrate some day or right to drink is hardly a movement! It's surely not a campaign!
There has to be an upsurge of Human values. A wave of spirituality. A wave of Yoga-the science of uniting with the source-uniting the body and mind. A wave of recognising India's true spiritual wealth.
That's a Movement.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pub Culture-Vulture Hai Rabba!

There's an extremely interesting controversy-cum-debate raging in urban India today: Whether or not pub culture should be encouraged...whether it goes against the Indian values of what culture should be and so on....
As expected the Media is twisting facts, putting words in mouths and basically fanning the fire to see to it that people of India have a completely deluded picture of what "freedom" means, what exactly is "responsibility" and what "moral" or "immoral" constitute.

And now, my two cents...

As far as my memory goes, I don't remember anybody being lauded or hailed as a hero or even someone to look up to if he or she visits a pub, exercises his/her so called "freedom" by drinking and splurging moolah by going regularly to pubs/discs/whatever. What freedom are we fighting for over here? Freedom to get drunk? Freedom to put oneself in smokey bars and pubs to inhale carbon monoxide( and God knows what else)? Freedom to be out "partying" with inebriated men and women? Is this the freedom that young Indians are fighting for? Ridiculous. And this is apparently a "choice". But these very bunch of "freedom fighters" do not realise that after they become parents, their kids are going to be out "partying" too. I cannot somehow imagine a parent not being concerned or in fact mighty worried about his/her kid out in a pub, exercising "freedom" and making a "choice" by going and drinking at a pub/bar/disc! Is this generation THAT myopic??
Now one might argue that one has complete "freedom" to spoil one's own health by drinking. What has the moral police got to do with individual choices. But in any case the "I, me, myself and mine" syndrome has swung now to the extreme end! One does not stop to think that every action and inaction has an effect on the society as a whole. No matter how much we disscociate ourselves from society, the fact remains that all individuals are a part of society and we are interdependent. Just one person alone without assistance and encouragement from others can't do nothing! So, it's only sensible that one is aware of the choices that one makes. And I fail to understand how health is not an issue in the mind when one chooses to indulge in pursuits which are clearly harmful! Healthy individuals make a healthy nation. It's so simple. And a healthy nation means a prosperous nation.
It's really not about Indian culture against western culture. It's just about beind sensible. Atleast little sensible to start with.
Yoga, Pranayam, Secularism, Hospitality, seeing Omnipresent Divinity, Respect for elders, Ayurveda, regarding the body as a temple...these are a part of the amazing Indian culture. How about starting with atleast the first two in the list as a primer to our ancient culture?
Personally I don't even regard going to a pub as "culture" of any sort. But maybe it's time for Urban India to experience Indian culture too. That way they can make a more "informed" choice.