Monday, April 21, 2008

Nothing much except Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrgggh!

I truly have come to wonder how many people really understand the value of "TIME": their own and more importantly of others! I am appalled and numbed.
This has prompted to vacuum-clean my life of all the time and space-suckers! Yes, I am going to do it. People call up on the cell. I cut the call. After 3 minutes they call up again. I tell them, "I will call you later. I am busy". Do you think they get the message? Wrong. They don't. They call me back AGAIN. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh! And all they want to know is, "What's up?". Is that even a question?
Is it afterall THAT difficult to understand? Am I asking for too much? Do I have to fight for my own privacy? What do the "time-suckers" want?
These are haunting questions of a daunting task!
Thank the Good Lord for caller identification.
Thank the Great Lord for creating blogs. Where else would I vent out all this?


NaVeed said...

lols such things happens to me too the way to success in such cases is ignorance.. :)
anyways i m amazed to see your blog still alive and kicking..may be you remember once i had a blog and you used to comment on
well that blog is long gone and faded into history i never got chance to update. it..

anyways i am really glad to see you still alive and kicking on your blog :)

NaVeed said...

ooh may be you may not find your comments but you are one of those how i used to visit quite often at that time

Mansee's Point Of View! said...

I totally agree....forget phone calls/ even talking personally..some people dont take the hint when u give monosylablic replies like..."accha".."uhmmm".."ok"...its so damn irritating...