Saturday, May 10, 2008

Feeling Thorny!

I have been attempting to get over a past relationship since an absurdly long time now. I call it "absurd" because I feel embarrassed telling people close to me that I am still not over it. Apart from that it is not all that absurd.
But from my long stretched out experience of "moving on" from an old flame, I have realized that getting "closure" is most vital. I avoided telling my Ex that I was still in love for reasons mostly unknown to me. Maybe I felt I would be in a vulnerable position by doing that. Whatever. But just yesterday I did that. I confessed that yes it has been more than one year and I hadn't still moved on and that I was still in love. Obviously the reply was not unexpected!
I was told, "I don't want to be with you".
I cannot possibly describe what I felt at that time.

Do you remember the feeling of having a thorn embedded in your foot for an annoyingly long time? You can see the thorn, it is undoubtedly hurting you and yet you can't pull it out. And then! One day, it looks like you could pull the thorn out...and then you do...
That moment. One moment it's paining and the next, it doesn't anymore! That's exactly how I felt when I was told that things couldn't work out between us. Within one second the pricky thorn was pulled out of my system. Whew....!!
I feel freeer. I have freed myself from the past and freed my past from myself.
The credit goes to my AMAZING Guru : His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji :)


shail said...

Happy to kno u feel free :) Jai Guru Dev!

Virat said...

Been there......

it is indeeeed a freeing feeeling!
Guruji rocks!

Keep sharing....
i liked the poor little indian write up too - and yes the white skin impresses!! ;)

iscream said...
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iscream said...

how people all the over the world go through that same awful process....! i enjoy and appreciate your writing... keep it up!

Acoustic Dreamer said...

Thank you everybody! And yes, it's truly amazing how our feelings in similar situations are not so unique afterall! :)
We go through quite a similar experience! It's a relief to know that!

GauravNath said...

"You have nothing to lose because you have nothing to gain"