Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action!!

Sometimes I think that in my head, my teenage is not yet past me! Yes really. I would teenagers as thinking of their lives or a particular situation to unfold like a movie scene...with all the slow motion and wind blowing through the hair and dialogues...the works!
I still do that!
Many times I find myself thinking of a situation in the most un-realistic, movie-like, melodramatic, dramatic way! I plan and rehearse my dialogues. Imagine that this particular person to whom I wish to deliver my killer lines is going to "co-incidentally" meet me in a Mall for example and then time would stop and the camera would zoom in on both of us, all the OTHER 'insignificant' people will go in slow motion and out of focus, electric guitars or violins will play in the background...and I will deliver my lines in an orchestrated confident fashion and walk away in style while putting on my Ray-Ban sunglasses!
It's funny when I catch myself doing that! But at the back of my teenage mind, there's still a little hope somewhere that the situation will exactly unfold in the way I have imagined it.
Does it happen to any of you? Sometimes? At least occasionally? 


Roly said...

hey......even i think of few catchy lines to use in a given situation.........but whenever i 'think' about it......that situation never arrives :)

nice blog topic.

Virat said...

I feel like that sometimes...i dont think I have "grown up"u know - still feel like a college boy sometimes

i dont think I have "grown up"u know - still feel like a college boy sometimes..