Monday, February 07, 2005

It is said that when society undergoes change, music is affected the last. And music literally reflects the culture of a society.
Firstly, I refuse to call it music! But in its raw form, it was music sometime. I also refuse to call ‘remixers’ as artists/composers/musicians. An artist is a communicator. She/he expresses what is close to her/his heart, in a creative way. A composer is a person who writes songs which are HIS OWN. So, where do REMIXERS fit in these categories?
Some years back Shankar Mahadevan, Ranjit Barot and Taufiq Qureshi presented a different version of S.D. Burman’s “Teri Bindiya Re” from the film ‘Abhimaan’. It was simply beautiful. Now a few points to be noted here:
· He does not mint money by using his own version of the song
· He always gives due credit to the original composer
· He does not sell the song using Deepal/Shefali in the video
· He composes brilliant stuff himself
· He is a great musician
· He is a true artist

What is the big deal in remixing ‘Kaanta Laga’? Did the REMIXER think of the original tune himself? Did he tell the original singer the nuances of the song?
Composing a brilliant song out of NOTHING is creative. Borrowing/stealing an already well-liked song and adding preset rhythm patterns to it is NOT creative!

Fortunately, industry say that remixes will go away as fast as they came. J

Thank God!


kaushik said...

Well ,actually , I came across this page while doing a random search...and the part about remixes !....well...I strongly feel that there are two things that mirror the the artistic expression and two : the way people dress...well in both I think ,we Indians are trying to ape the west and there are people who think that it is actually good !....can u belive how many movies and ramp shows have we seen our sarees and salwars remixed to look more like the western outfits...
well there is nothing artistic or original about that !....and the same is happening to the songs and other expressions of art...therez nothing much that can be done to change all this...changes are bound to happen and in what one knows!....

Divya said...
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Divya said...

Hey Chits! :) Loved your article on remixes..and did you read the latest news? The govenment is planning to ban remix videos for their obscenity! Excellent if it happens...our ears will be redeemed finally.