Monday, February 14, 2005

'Depression' is a pretty depressing state to be in. And at some point in time, all of us have visited it...or more precisely, IT has visited us. Unfortunately, many of us don't even know when we go into depression, leave alone fighting it off. There was a patch in my life where I was in acute depression for more than six months. I was alright in the morning, used to start crying suddenly at noon. Shopping used to boost my spirits for evening and by night time I was suicidal. This cycle continued without an exception of a day for six long months. It reached its peak one day when I wanted to end my life...full and final. I just did not want to breathe anymore. My family decided to take me to a psychologist for counselling. But I knew how 'dry' psychologists normally are. For them, it would've been just another 'case'.
At that time, a friend of mine suggested that I do an 'Art of Living' basic course. Somehow I knew from within that this was my rescue call. And it turned out to be more than what I imagined. It put a smile on my face again...forever. The key lies in the right way to breathe and a different attitude towards life and its events.
So, readers, if you are depressed yourself or if you know someone who is depressed, make them do the course! Use force, blackmail, cajoling, threats...whatever it takes!! And enjoy life.

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borntodre@m said...

Depression is an illusion created by your own mind. Sometimes our mind creates a web of so called "depression" around our brain so that there is a disconnect between our thoughts and the brain cells. Its just a state of our mind created for our own sake and u just need a reason to come out of this state. Guess u got that reason in Art of Living. My Father also talks very much 'bout this course. But I hv never tried it. ;)
Life is too short to let our mind create a web of depression around our brain and there are lots of good things to do around. Neway life is too precious and u need to enjoy every moment of it without fail.