Friday, May 27, 2005

On our way to becoming Shanghai

Location: Western Express Highway, Jogeshwari, Mumbai.
Time : 2:00 P.M.

It has become the MMRDA digging ground. A group of 10-15 dhoti-clad workers were sweating it out. I was in my car at a signal. I was watching one really thin man in his early thirties amongst these ‘diggers’. He was pounding the earth below with a long heavy iron rod. He had almost acquired a rhythm in his digging and I followed the beat in my mind and I was singing songs in my head….(thump)I walk this (thump) street (thump) boule(thump) of broken (thump) Where the (thump) sleeps…And suddenly he stops pounding; straightens his bent back…and…he puts a cell phone to his ear!!!
“Aama Saar. Parva ille saar”
The signal turned green.
I grinned in amusement and drove away.


Confuzzled said...

Techno savvy huh? hehe :)

Acoustic Dreamer said...

Our next generations won't even be amused! They'd EXPECT everybody to own a cell phone. "Hello Shanta bai! When areyou coming to do the vessels?!"

Confuzzled said...

yeh.....y'day I saw a lady in the local who was sitting by the door and barely had a decent pair of footwear....talking away to glory on her cellphone with so much of attitude...oh my my!

borntodre@m said...

kay AD, kay chalu ahe? No blogging these days?