Thursday, May 19, 2005

The real thing...?

What is ‘real’?

Something tangible? But that tangible, can turn intangible anytime! Is the person beside you ‘real’? But people can just vanish…and then what is left? Memories, sounds and pictures in the head. Can you show them to your best friend? You can only ‘tell it’ as it was. It can never come back. All the ‘reality’ that we see around us, how much is ‘real’ for sure? Transient is everything. Everybody.

We say something is painful because we have experienced pleasure, we know something is cold because we have experienced heat. As with all dualities, so with this. If all this is ‘unreal’, what/ where is ‘real’? There has to be something which is NOT transient, something that is time-proof, something that does not decay…

What is real?


borntodre@m said...

What is real?
How do you define real ?
If you're talking about your senses, what you can feel, taste, smell or see, then all you are talking about are the electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

We are, as an energy source, easily renewable and completely recyclable, the dead liquified and fed intravenously to the living . . . .

-- From Movie Matrix ;)

borntodre@m said...

We don't know what is real,
still we are the one to bear!
then why do we care,
just accept it as "real"!

-- This is not from any movie ;)