Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Sometimes I begin to believe that this entire world...infact, the Universe in its entirety runs on just ONE thing- COMMITMENT.
If the Sun weren't committed to rising everyday, we can't even imagine what kind of chaos it would unleash! The milkman is committed to his job...our day begins smoothly because of his commitment to his job. Journalists are committed so we get news on time. Our homemakers are committed, breadwinners are
committed, students are committed, soldiers are committed, sweepers are committed,water is committed and so is air, singers are committed, dancers are committed, Mother Nature is committed.
It's amazing!!!
Just imagine what a pathetic situation it would be if all these above mentioned roles faltered from their commitment! Each one of us is committed to atleast one role...out of choice. Happily.
Commitment is beautiful.

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