Friday, September 08, 2006

Everyone is going to die!

"Everyone is going to die!"

It's such a weird thought when one reads it out first. But what makes it even more weird is the fact that it's true. We all over here...the REAL people, walking, talking, listening, conspiring, gloating, thinking, writing and reading this...we are all going to vanish from the face of the planet one day. Death will come to us and ask "Are you ready to come with me RIGHT NOW?" What will our answer be? Most of us will say "NO!" even before blinking. There's SO much to do! So much to sort out...
"My bank balance is still not how I'd like it to be..."
"I still have to show him what I can do...Hmmpff"
"Once I have her in my life, I will be happy...but till then..."
"Tomorrow is my big day..."
Sometimes it looks like we take life too seriously and that's why we don't have time to smile. It's ironic that a simple action of smiling to oneself has become something to plan about. "I will smile when I get that promotion..." we seem to be saying. Aren't we all waiting for that perfect situation which lies far ahead in the hands of our elusive future? But will THAT future ever come our way? We don't know. It may not. It may. We may not even be alive to see that day!
How many of us have lost our loved ones too suddenly? Most of us have because death always seems sudden. It never comes with a 15-day warning period. If that were the case, we humans would have taken undue advantage of that knowledge of our own death and used it as a means for escape the 'misery' of life.
What's the solution?
Well, what seems to be a really simple and immediate relief is to not take life too seriously!
Ultimately we are all going to die!
We will learn our lessons here in this magnificient opportunity that we have got through this birth. And as humans, as spirited beings, it befits us to put in our 100% in all that we undertake be it relationships or anything else.
Just let go! Chill! Remember? Everyone is going to die!

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Arunima said...

First thing in the morning, I come to this blog and I see 'everyone is going to die!' Jesus Christ!

Then I read on and then realised it is about being positive and living each day to the hilt.

Came here because of your comment on my blog that I made gay sounded derogatory. Na, I never meant that. :-)