Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hello World!

Once one decides to see the funny side of things around, EVERYTHING starts seeming really funny! And I mean EVERYTHING. I thought laughing at one's own self might be a darned difficult thing to do. But it isn't. Eventually we all learn to laugh at us and also what happens/happened with/to us.
I have become newly single. Newly meaning it's been a good 4-5 months but I feel liberated from all kind of 'post heart-break' emotions only NOW. I say that with conviction, because I can now laugh at it and actually enjoy it!
A funny phenomenon has started happening off late. All the people in my life know now that I am out of a relationship. Suddenly these very people have been asking me for my advice for their relationships! Doesn't it seem utterly illogical that when I could not save my own relationship, how the hell am I going to save theirs?!
But no. The fact remains that they yet want my advice. I could think of only one reason.
Perhaps, for them being in a relationship is anyways dumb. I am out of one and therefore they perceive me as WISE. Yes, WISE. And they seek my advice...
Alright, got to go...there's a friend waiting on the phone...he wants to know the secret of my never-dying smile...am going to tell him it's because of 'singlehood' :))

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