Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Sun. What is his job really? Rise everyday…punctually.

He never falters.

Laziness doesn’t overcome his determination of rising every single day!

Even when it’s raining cats and dogs here, he still rises!

He rises even when on a given day nobody thanks him for having risen!

He rises even when no one acknowledges him…he doesn’t feel ignored.

He rises even when no praise comes his way…he doesn’t feel insecure.

Not just that. He does his job even when he gets blamed for making everything around too hot!

The Sun is a part of Nature. Everything in Nature is perfect. It never misses a beat.

We are a part of this very same Nature. But just look at the number of pre-conditions we have before we begin to do anything. We must get acknowledgement after we finish doing our work, we need awards and recognition, we need money, we need something….anything in return. Why?!

But what confounds me the most is this question: What exactly is our job?

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