Saturday, April 04, 2009

I will tell you what SECULARISM is NOT!!!

Secularism is not a new concept for Indians. I know it. You know it. We all follow it in our daily lives. Hindus have Muslim friends, Muslims have Christian or Buddhist friends. In fact many of us wish each other on Christmas, Id, Diwali, Dassera, Hannukah, whatever else! And the best living example of TRUE Secularism lies in the Art of Living Family. "One World Family"- that's what Guruji has taught each one of us.
But the UPA, our current government has devised a totally perverse version of Secularism-it should aptly be named "Sickularism"
Secularism means " sarva dharma samabhava Equality of all religions/beliefs/faiths. But it certainly does not and should not mean unreasonable and unjustified preference to JUST one religion!
Secularism certainly does not mean this:
1. Appeasement of only and only ONE religion in the country. That's Islam. As though no one else exists!
2. Giving Madarsa graduates certificates equating it to CBSE certificates enabling them to get government jobs! Why can't the government encourage them to have secular education like we all do? As against this, Pakistan has taken a move to close down 6000 madarsas in their country.
3. Reservations for Muslims in the private sector. What about a deserving Hindu candidate from a really poor family?
4. "Conversions" are the most non-secular thing happening around and the Government thinks it's Constitutional! Belittling another religion to emphasize the importance of your own is NOT Secularism!!!! I would like to ask evangelists what exactly they tell innocent tribals, poor people, villagers when they convert them just to increase the herd.
5. Talking about the greatness of Hindu culture or Hinduism is not COMMUNAL! Hindus are treated like step-children in their own country.
6. Some years back when Dr. Murali Manohar Joshi had proposed that "Astrology" or "Jyotish Shastra" be introduced as a subject formally in Universities, there was a huge hue and cry about how "regressive" it is and about how "blind faith" has taken over the BJP! Hahahah! Has anyone watched some "progressive" TV channels like "God TV"? You will know what I am talking about. People getting miraculously healed, People falling down while praying because they were touched by Jesus is somehow more acceptable as "miracle of Jesus" but we Hindus are ridiculed as being regressive?!

Why such disparity? Why so much discrimination? If there is anyone more dangerous and potentially poisonous to the country's secular fabric it is the Congress.
This country has gracefully accommodated and assimilated numerous cultures, religions and sects from thousands of years. We don't need this perverse version of secularism at all. For the UPA, secularism is "HINDU BASHING".
But by favouring Muslims blindly like this, it is alienating them even more from the mainstream. For being truly secular one needs an open mind. One needs to accept and respect all cultures and religions and acknowledge the good in all and not fight for religious supremacy! "Mine is the only right religion and the rest of you are god damned idiots"- this attitude is not going to help anyone. But for that children should be introduced to various cultures and influences right from childhood and taught to repect all. We all proclaim that "God is One". But how many truly follow that?
Think hard.
Speak up.
Vote Definitely.
Jai Hind!!

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