Saturday, April 04, 2009

Why you should not believe the Media...

Allow ME to share BREAKING NEWS with you today...
A certain Political Party has allocated 1000 crore for election propaganda and advertisements in print and televised media. The effect thereof is that to ensure that such a big sum of money comes to their coffers, media will never speak or publish a word that goes against this political party. No marks for guessing which party! This way the hand may crush the lotus.
One cannot help but notice the one-sided negative propaganda against Varun Gandhi. It boils my blood to see the Government hesitating to initiate the implementing of NSA against clear perpetrators of bombings in the country, but hastily putting Varun Gandhi behind bars! What did he say anyway? That he won't tolerate anything injustice against Hindus? That's it? Compare it with planting bombs in trains and marketplaces and killing hundreds of innocent victims. In reality, these two acts are not even comparable! And of course the pseudo-secular media will laud the swift and "secular" action of the Government.
Do you know how much GOOD is happening in Gujarat? Of course you won't! No one from the Media is interested in reporting it.
Do you know how much work Art of Living is doing in remote villages in India( WITHOUT CONVERTING THEM TO HINDUISM- I should add here ) by empowering farmers? No way! Who wants inspirational stories about farmers?!
Do you know that a certain Dr. Pol is contesting elections from the same constituency as Sharad Pawar's? Dr. Pol has been working tirelessly from the last 7-8 years for the upliftment and self-sufficiency of villages around Kapshi, Maharashtra. Which newspaper or channel has mentioned this?
How many of us know that a ridiculous amount of OUR money amounting to more than 51000 crore has disappeared from the Government treasury?
How many of us know that in the last 5 years more than 5.5 crore Indians have slipped below the poverty line?
Do you know that absolutely NOTHING has changed in Maharashtra and Mumbai after 26/11? The Police have got DISCARDED SLR rifles from the army. The police themselves personally admit that should 26/11 happen again, the situation would just be the same. So in effect you and I STILL have danger lurking around the corner.
Do you know that on every 14th of August Pakistani flags are hoisted in Kashmir? And on every 15th August Indian flags are burnt there.
Do you know that a few months ago, Pakistani flags were unfurled in 6 districts of Assam?

The Media which claims to be fair and secular reports only THAT truth which it wants. It's too busy otherwise bringing out exaggerated one-sided stories convenient to the Congress.
The Media nor the Government cares about the country or the people. But it's time we open our minds and our eyes and SEE THROUGH just the projected truth.
I say, let's boycott newspapers and newschannels! It's time we started a revolution which makes it clear that we are not in slumber. It's time we DEMAND for the truth. The truth which IS.
Jai Hind!!

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