Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Choose or Lose!!!

Choose or Lose!Do we really have a 'choice' in every situation of life? The answer is fortunately 'yes'. When onesays, "I did it because I did not have any other choice!" is a lie. It's a BIG lie! One always hasa choice.There are situations when it is a little difficult to make a direct choice. So just cut out the junk and you'll be left with options to choose from. But then what about situations where we are not responsible for what happened? Even in such cases I believe we have a choice. Students don'tget desired marks in examinations...does everyone commit suicide? Only a handful do because theychoose to do it. And the others choose to live. There's nothing right or wrong about it. It's anindividuals choice.And what about times when someone breaks your heart for no fault of yours? You are crestfallen,sad, feel like it's the end of the world, that you'll never be happy again...WHY did it happen???There are a lot of things involved. So, does one have a choice here? Yes! It's obvious that no matterhow hard one tries, some things cannot be avoided...like feeling sad or bitter after a heartbreak...but one can always CHOOSE to come out of it after a while and not let go of life. After a whileone realises that no one and NOTHING losing one's life for. So, let's always remember that we havea choice in even the most seemingly impossible situations of life. We have a choice to be happy or sad we can choose life over death and we can choose who's more important in our lives. Go ahead! Choose!Cause, if you don't choose, you'll lose!

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smart-alecky said...

Choice. Hmmm. Choice here in your post is taken in with a dictionary meaning. But when people say "I don't have a choice", there's lot many thing atttched to it not the ones that are the cause but the ones that relate more with the effect. A lot many connotations, social, personal n number of things. Choice then is too weak a word perhaps somthing to represent as vast the universe itself. But certainly it doesn't warrant extreme behaviour.

Certianly life is the best deal.
I now make a choice to end this comment which now almost looks like a post.