Monday, January 24, 2005

Stinks of team spirit!

This is what I have been wondering about for a really long time…Cricket! I really hate the game. Yes, even if it is an India-Pakistan match. Actually, I am still confused whether I hate the game or I hate the Indian Cricket team. Ummm…I think I hate the Indian team.
I haven’t come across a more unreliable team in any sport of any country. The cricket ‘heroes’ of our country are almost demigods here. Why? Because they sometimes manage to win a match. Sometimes. I know that I am perhaps stirring up a controversy here by being so blasphemous! There was an entire segment on T.V. showcasing Parthiv Patel’s dropped catches. Other players are either not in form or they are injured. Sometimes I seriously wonder if Sehwag, Kaif, Yuvraj and even Tendulkar are visually impaired. I can understand ‘bad performance’. Even consistent bad performance. But getting showered with money, flashbulbs and ad-contracts even after a totally ‘un-manly’ performance? Nah nah!! Not done.
What I am arriving at is something that I feel very strongly about! Our so-called heroes are not respectable people off the field too! Sachin Tendulkar gets tax waived for his Ferrari. When ‘Shwaas was nominated for an Oscar, he chose to ‘contribute’ by auctioning his bat instead of hard cash! This kind of miserly behaviour does not suit public figures of such stature.
The media is an equal culprit for giving attention to the most undeserving of the lot. Yuvraj Singh is no longer going around with Kim Sharma…SO WHAT?!!! Who cares?! Saurav Ganguly injures his little finger…Now he is getting better…but still not fit enough to play…So is the country expected to observe silence for two minutes?! They are pampered beyond belief! The pinnacle of the ridiculous business was reached just a few days back when for ‘Tsunami Relief’ they offered to play a charity match for Asia XI against World XI. And as expected they lost this match too! Heh heh…
I think our cricketers are extremely benevolent individuals who believe in making others happy. Like the other day they made the Bangladeshi Cricket team extremely happy by losing to them! Australia has many records to their credit because of whom? The Indian Cricket team, of course.

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Arunima said...

I am a hardcore cricket fan so, I won't comment on your opinion but yes, I had a nice laugh reading it. it's very lively. keep it up:-)