Tuesday, January 18, 2005

‘Love’…perhaps the most over-rated emotion of all times. Wars have been fought, kingdoms have vanished and history has been made because of Love. And this is precisely why I am definitely not interested in talking AGAIN about it. Like in a Pink Floyd forum, the introduction declared, ‘Every aspect and story about Pink Floyd and their songs have been discussed here and there is nothing anyone can possibly add to it.’ It’s the same with ‘Love’.
I was in love too, once upon a time. Yes, it felt very good to be in it. But after I was kicked out of it one fine day, I realized that I felt like a fool and I’d been even behaving like one when I was in it! I don’t understand! Even perfectly normal and level-headed people start losing their heads when cupid attacks. In fact, I think that such kinds of love are harmful for the healthy growth of society. And these very lovers who show their middle finger to the whole world just to be with their beloved forever, become ‘perfect husbands and wives’ once they are married. Then the nagging begins, everything becomes a routine and then suddenly there is no charm left! What is the point of the whole big exercise then??
Maybe, the whole problem is not with ‘love’ but with human relationships. Somebody has wisely said that ‘Love is a journey and not a destination’. Usually what happens is that when two people become committed to each other, they also start taking each other for granted. And this is almost like a very natural way of treating each other. Both these people become a certain ‘image’ in each other’s mind and then it becomes difficult to move away from that image. Therefore I think there are a few golden rules that people in love (and in relationships) must follow. Here they are:

• Avoid arguing when in a bad mood
• DON’T compare your partner with ANYBODY else…if you like that someone else better than your partner, please leave!!
• Nobody is perfect. Imperfection is our Beauty. Respect and accept that.
• Loyalty and steadfastness are not obsolete and one does not have to feel stupid about it. And it pays rich dividends
• Actions are more important than mere words. Saying ‘I love you’ to your lover 25 times in a day is futile if it is not complemented by actions. You have to make your lover feel like he/she’s the greatest and the most beautiful thing that’s happened to planet Earth!!
• Remember to praise (genuinely) every little action and effort taken by him/her to give you happiness in whatever measure. Don’t take it for granted that it is anyways his/her duty to do it!
• Last but not the least, you have chosen to stay with this wonderful individual. So, why not make every moment spent together a little worth its while by believing we’re lucky to have him/her. Enjoy!

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