Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Dreams and Reality

There is a strange connection between 'dreams' and 'reality'. Like for instance, Love is a dreamand a relationship is reality. And like an unwritten law, dreams are always shattered when they comein contact with reality. I think that falling in love is a wonderful thing...one imagines things,sometimes they do happen to be true, you get that 'butterflies in the tummy' kind of feeling whenyou see that special someone...there you are in love. But where do problems begin? When you both get into a 'relationship'. This is the reality of love. It is almost like a material manifestation of your 'dream love'. When we are only in love and not in a relationship, there are no expectations,no desires, no possessiveness, there is just this pure feeling of bliss. And talk about relationships?No no! We don't even want to get into that!Why just love? Think about any dream of ours. Ummmm...like you want to be the next youth icon of India.Nice dream. We can go over it, live it in our minds as many times as we want. Cool. Now begin thinkingabout HOW the hell you are going to reach there...and it all comes crashing down.But that's not the only kind of relation between dreams and reality. Sometimes, we dream of somethingso hard that it actually becomes real. Yes, it happens. When you keep 'living' a certain dream inyour mind, it comes true. It has happened to me a lot of times. So, I believe it's a great thing to be a dreamer! It's a gift. It's a tool. I can't explain how it works. I don't know how dreams 'become'real. But they do. So, people, dream. And dream big. Keep on dreaming till it becomes real. It maybe like this: A painter has a certain imagination in his mind. He keeps imagining it in all its details...on and on and one fine day, he takes his brush, his palette and paints his dream on the canvas and there it is. Imagination to reality. And we are all painters of our own lives. There is a greatcanvas called Life in front of us. We have all the colours and all the brushes we want. And yet wedo not paint anything so many times. Why? Why? Because, we don't dream. Because we don't nourish thatdream enough so that it comes to life as a beautiful painting. There is no reality without a dream. A dream is a mother and reality is its child. Start dreamingTODAY.

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borntodre@m said...

Few Random Clicks and I m here on ur blog ..
Regarding dreams and reality ..have u read Alchemist ? Good book for optimistic dreamers ... But I think "dre@m$" are DREAMS .. don't let them come to REALITY;)
As u hv mentioned in this blog..take example of luv .. when u dream about it ..its pure n' enjoyable as u don't expect anything ..when it comes to reality - Relationships .. it SUX as u expect something from it.