Saturday, April 09, 2005

The SCARIEST sight in Mumbai...

Do you know what it is?
A group of 3-4 BMC workers preparing to dig ONE more strip of land which looks relatively 'flat'.
This reminds me of a very funny SMS I'd received:
Idhar khuda hai
Udhar khuda hai
Jahaan dekho khuda hi khuda hai
Jahaan aaj khuda nahin hai
...wahaan kal khudega


borntodre@m said...

I remember the same situation when Reliance was digging the earth to put their cables in Powai least those people covered them after their work ...not sure whether BMC people will do that or not!

Acoustic Dreamer said...

Yes, they do. They cover their 'work' to give birth to new speed-breakers!

Arunima said...

sahi kaha!

wow! you played for Lata.