Monday, April 04, 2005

Un-holi hai!!!

On a beautiful Holi morning, I and my mother were walking towards our car in the building premises itself. Suddenly a bucket of water splashed on my mother's head which was hurled from the fourth floor of our building (she is 61 years of age)! She was furious. I dashed a letter off to the secretary. I have always been protesting against such kind of celebrations where a celebration for one could become a punishment for life for someone else!
I am only 24 years of age and I am not really counted among the mature people of the colony! :) Still, the letter was read out in the committee meeting and action has been taken. There is a notice put up on the notice board saying that as a rule, nobody can be dragged into a festival without consent!
Two days of my life were utterly wasted in frustration witnessing the stupidity of people around me. My mother kept telling me to give up my protests and accept the situation. But my persistence paid off. And I am glad.
So, people, even if you are fighting for a really really small cause, don't give up if you strongly believe in it. Eventually justice prevails! Yayyyy!

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