Friday, April 15, 2005

Slow down, You move too fast...

Why are we all running?
Do we know that we ARE running?
Is running important at all?

I just happened to get this flash of thought the other day.
Our life is like driving from point ‘a’ to destination ‘b’. We all have our own chosen destinations. Usually we start from the highway at full throttle speed! Why at such great speed, do you ask? I don’t know. Nobody does. We can overtake other vehicles on the highway, cut lanes. But when we reach a red signal, all the vehicles stop. They must. Else they will be fined. Big, small, new, old, indigenous, foreign-made, diesel or petrol…everyone must stop and then start the journey again together.
Then what was the purpose of shooting from the highway at break-neck speed, draw the wrath and bad-will of vehicles we have dangerously overtaken or honked endlessly at? Ultimately, even we had to obey the rules by stopping at a red signal; and red signals are predestined! Then could we have taken it a little easy on ourselves and on other vehicles? Could we have enjoyed the journey by going slow? It’s not just important that we reached the destination. It’s ‘HOW’ we reached there which matters! Are we smiling at the end of it?


borntodre@m said...

It really hurts when the SPEED in ur life gets reduced ....eSpecially when u understand that the RED signal will be there till eternity ... very good post I shd say!!

Confuzzled said...

Wow.....very subtle....:)