Wednesday, April 27, 2005


How is it measured?
How does one know if one is successful or not?
What lengths will one go to, to achieve it?
What kinds of compromises are involved?

Really, how is success generally measured? We usually measure it in terms of money. If the occupation we are in returns money enough just for sustenance, it’s not really a great success. But if we earn enough to buy a car, shop extensively on weekends and pamper the taste-buds with ‘Fresh Pizza’…it may be called ‘SUCCESS’.

Everybody wants to be successful at the end of any given endeavour. Nobody willingly embraces failure. People forget hunger, thirst, sleep, leisure, family, lovers, friends, duties, countrymen, compassion, entertainment, movies, music, passions, hobbies, sport, health, life, breath, holidays, travel, meditation, parents, God…everything! Most importantly, they forget who they themselves are! This is too big a price to pay for ‘success’. To become happy in the FUTURE, we become unhappy in the present!

What I am arriving at is that, ‘Success’ has to be redefined. There are thousands of ‘successful’ people in the world outside…but how many of them are really ‘happy’???

For me, success means being happy in the present. What does it mean for you?


Confuzzled said...

I concur wid you...ppl are getting disillusioned wid the termSUCCESS.
Beauty of life(or success) is to savour it with contentment and not with avarice.

borntodre@m said...

What is SUCCESS?

Its a million EURO question!! Many a times I have given a thot 2 it ...just got to a single conclusion ...SUCCESS for me is a pride in my parents eyes, it is a smile on my friends' faces when they see me around!
n' I am damn sure money can't buy these things for me!

~Sen~ said...
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Sanketh said...

I'd direct you to this poem by Emily Dickinson "Success is counted Sweetest"

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne'er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.
Not one of all the purple host
Who took the flag to-day
Can tell the definition,
So clear, of victory!

As he, defeated, dying,
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Burst agonized and clear!

-- I guess success ain't that easily defined.