Wednesday, April 06, 2005

These make me cry...

  • Soldiers
  • The National Anthem
  • Hariharan’s voice
  • Innocence
  • Love stories
  • Black- the film
  • Truth and sincerity
  • Onions
  • Remixes
  • Meditation
  • Mallika Sherawat
  • “I love you”-the three golden words
  • Violins
  • Live chamber orchestra playing in sync
  • Love
  • Longing
  • Surrender
  • Letting go
  • Knowledge

Not necessarily in that order…


borntodre@m said...

he he ..Good post ;-)

Bhumi said...

Hmmm .. awww...
Just a question, why in the world, does Malika make u cry (oh is it because she is like a BHOOT and she scares.. u.. .that makes sense)

Acoustic Dreamer said...

Actually the very fact that women like Mallika Sherawat have begun making a 'mark' in the industry makes me cry :((
Heh heh

Divya said...

absolutely, impeccably...beautiful!